10 Best Places to Visit in Ajmer, Rajasthan!!

Places to Visit in Ajmer, Tour Package

Ajmer, with its blend of spirituality, history, and natural beauty, promises a memorable experience for every traveller.

Ajmer, located in the heart of Rajasthan, is a city steeped in history, culture, and spirituality. With its rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere, it offers a myriad of attractions for tourists. Here are some of the best places to visit in Ajmer, Rajasthan:

Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Ajmer
Ajmer Sharif Dargah
  1. Ajmer Sharif Dargah: The most famous and revered pilgrimage site in Ajmer, the Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti attracts millions of devotees from various faiths. The serene atmosphere and the Sufi music played at the shrine create a spiritual ambience.
  2. Ana Sagar Lake: A picturesque artificial lake commissioned by Anaji Chauhan, the grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Ana Sagar Lake offers a tranquil setting for boating and picnics. The view of the surrounding hills adds to the charm.
  3. Taragarh Fort: Perched on a hill, Taragarh Fort offers breathtaking panoramic views. Built-in the 7th century, it is one of the oldest hill forts in India. The climb to the fort is rewarded with a glimpse into the region’s historical past.
  4. Adhai Din Ka Jhopra: A unique structure that was initially a Sanskrit college and later converted into a mosque. The architecture is a blend of Indo-Islamic styles and features intricate carvings and ornate pillars.
  5. Mayo College: Founded in 1875, Mayo College is one of the oldest and finest boys’ schools in India. The campus is an architectural marvel with Indo-Saracenic influences. While visitors are not allowed inside the school, the exterior is worth visiting.
  6. Nareli Jain Temple: Situated on the outskirts of Ajmer, the Nareli Jain Temple is a stunning marble complex dedicated to Lord Adinath, the first Tirthankara of Jainism. The intricate carvings and peaceful surroundings make it a must-visit for spiritual seekers.
  7. Akbari Fort and Museum: Built by Emperor Akbar in 1570, this fort now houses the Ajmer Government Museum. The museum exhibits a collection of sculptures, weapons, and artefacts that provide insights into the region’s history.
  8. Soniji Ki Nasiyan (Red Temple): This Jain temple, also known as the Red Temple, is famous for its stunning architecture and a fascinating display of gold-plated wooden figures depicting scenes from Jain mythology. The intricacy and detailing make it a visual delight.
  9. Foy Sagar Lake: Located just outside Ajmer, Foy Sagar Lake is a serene spot surrounded by hills. The lake was built during a famine relief program and offers a peaceful retreat with a beautiful sunset view.
  10. Makhdoom Sahib Shrine: Another important Sufi shrine in Ajmer, the Makhdoom Sahib Shrine is dedicated to the Sufi saint Makhdoom Sahib. The annual Urs celebration attracts devotees from different parts of the country.

Ajmer, located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is a city rich in history, culture, and traditions. Whether you’re seeking tranquility at a sacred shrine or exploring the architectural wonders of forts and temples, it has something to offer to everyone.

Nareli Jain Temple, Ajmer
Nareli Jain Temple


  1. Religious Diversity: It is known for the Dargah Sharif, a Sufi shrine dedicated to Moinuddin Chishti, a 13th-century Sufi saint. It attracts people from various religious backgrounds, symbolizing the religious harmony in the region.
  2. Festivals: The festival at the Dargah Sharif is a significant celebration, attracting pilgrims and tourists alike. Pushkar Fair, held in the nearby town of Pushkar, is one of the world’s largest camel fairs and a major cultural event.
  3. Art and Craft: The city has a rich tradition of handicrafts, including embroidered textiles, leather goods, and traditional jewelry.
  4. Music and Dance: Folk music and dance are integral to the cultural fabric of Ajmer, reflecting the vibrant traditions of Rajasthan. Kalbelia and Ghoomar are popular dance forms.
Adhai Din Ka Jhopra, Ajmer
Adhai Din Ka Jhopra


  1. Rajasthani Cuisine: Rajasthani food is known for its rich flavors and the use of ghee (clarified butter) and spices. Dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, and Ker Sangri are popular dishes.
  2. Street Food: The streets of Ajmer offer a variety of street food, including Kachori, Samosa, and Mirchi Bada. The bustling markets like Naya Bazaar are great places to explore local flavors.
  3. Sweets: Rajasthani sweets like Ghewar, Malpua, and Mawa Kachori are widely enjoyed.


  1. Clothing: Traditional Rajasthani attire, including colorful turbans (pagris) for men and vibrant ghagra-choli for women, is still worn during festivals and special occasions.
  2. Fairs and Melas: Apart from the Pushkar Fair, various fairs and melas are organized, showcasing traditional arts, crafts, and cultural performances.
  3. Rural Traditions: The rural areas surrounding Ajmer maintain traditional agrarian practices, and visitors can experience the simplicity of rural life during their stay.
  4. Local Markets: Ajmer’s markets are filled with traditional Rajasthani items such as Bandhani textiles, leather goods, and handicrafts. The bustling markets are an embodiment of the local trading and cultural exchange.

Ajmer, with its blend of religious significance, cultural diversity, and rich traditions, offers a unique experience to visitors seeking a glimpse into Rajasthan’s vibrant heritage.

Travel Tips:

  1. Visit the Dargah Sharif: The city is famous for the Dargah Sharif, a Sufi shrine dedicated to Moinuddin Chishti. Ensure respectful attire when visiting.
  2. Explore Ana Sagar Lake: Enjoy a peaceful boat ride on Ana Sagar Lake and witness beautiful views of the surrounding hills.
  3. Plan Around Urs Festival: If possible, plan your visit during the Urs festival at the Dargah Sharif. It’s a vibrant celebration attracting devotees and tourists. 
  4. Visit Pushkar: Adjacent to Ajmer, Pushkar is famous for its sacred lake and the Brahma Temple. It’s just a short drive away.
  5. Try Local Cuisine: Don’t miss trying the local Rajasthani cuisine, including Dal Baati Churma and Mawa Kachori.
  6. Respect Local Customs: Rajasthan is known for its rich cultural heritage. Respect local customs and traditions, especially in religious places.
  7. Bargain in Markets: It has bustling markets like Naya Bazaar and Dargah Bazaar. Bargain while shopping for handicrafts, textiles, and jewelry.
  8. Use Local Transport: Explore the city using local transport like auto-rickshaws or cycle rickshaws. It’s an eco-friendly and authentic way to experience Ajmer.

Travel Deals:

  1. Hotel Packages: Check online travel platforms for hotel deals. Many offer package deals that include accommodation, meals, and local experiences.
  2. Group Tours: Joining a group tour can often provide discounts on transportation and guided visits to popular attractions.
  3. Off-Season Travel: Consider travelling during the off-season to find lower hotel rates and fewer crowds.
  4. Combo Deals for Pushkar-Ajmer: Some travel agencies offer combo deals for Ajmer and Pushkar, allowing you to explore both destinations at a discounted rate.
  5. Early Booking Discounts: Plan ahead and book your accommodation and transportation early to take advantage of early booking discounts.

FAQs about Rajasthan:

How far is Ajmer from Jaipur?

Ajmer is approximately 135 kilometers away from Jaipur, and the journey takes about 2.5 to 3 hours by road.

Is it safe for solo female travellers?

Ajmer is generally safe, but it’s advisable to follow standard safety precautions, especially for solo female travelers.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit is during the winter months (October to March) when the weather is pleasant for sightseeing.

How can I reach Ajmer from the nearest airport?

The nearest airport is in Jaipur. You can hire a taxi or take a bus from Jaipur to reach Ajmer.

Are there any budget accommodation options?

Yes, there are budget hotels and guesthouses available, especially in the areas around Dargah Bazaar.

Remember to check for the latest information and travel advisories before planning your trip. Enjoy your visit to Ajmer, Rajasthan!

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