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Hidden Gems of Rajasthan: Hidden Forts!!

10 Hidden Gems & Treasures Of Rajasthan!!

Rajasthan, the land of vibrant colours and majestic palaces, is also home to some Hidden Gems and Hidden Forts that exude historical charm and architectural brilliance.

Rajasthan, also has some unknown or “Hidden Gems” and “Hidden Forts” in it’s Royal Land with vibrant culture. Here are some hidden gems and hidden forts in the list of Rajasthan Best Places:

Places to visit in Bundi Hidden Gems 1

  1. Bundi: Nestled in the Hadoti region, Bundi is a small town that boasts stunning blue-painted houses and a charming medieval ambiance. The Bundi Palace, Taragarh Fort, and intricately carved step wells (baoris) are must-visit attractions.
  2. Alwar: Alwar has a rich historical heritage and natural beauty. The City Palace, Bala Quila, and the Sariska Tiger Reserve are well-known, but the Siliserh Lake Palace, situated on the banks of a serene lake, is a hidden gem offering tranquillity.
  3. Mandawa: Mandawa, located in the Shekhawati region, is known for its beautifully painted havelis (mansions). The town is an open-air art gallery, showcasing exquisite frescoes that depict the cultural and historical tales of the region.
  4. Ranakpur: While often overshadowed by Udaipur, Ranakpur is a peaceful town famous for its intricately carved marble Jain temples. The main temple, Chaumukha Temple, is a masterpiece of architecture and a serene place for reflection.
  5. Bharatpur: Keoladeo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the reason for Bharatpur’s fame. This bird sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers, especially during the migratory season. The Lohagarh Fort in Bharatpur is also worth exploring.
  6. Kumbhalgarh: Known for the massive Kumbhalgarh Fort, this destination offers a less crowded experience compared to some of Rajasthan’s other forts. The fort’s wall, the second longest continuous wall in the world, provides stunning views of the Aravalli Range.
  7. Bikaner’s Rampuria Havelis: While Bikaner is known for Junagarh Fort, the Rampuria Havelis in the old town are a hidden gem. These elaborately decorated merchant houses showcase exquisite architecture and intricate carvings.
  8. Jhalawar: Jhalawar is a small town with a rich cultural heritage. The Jhalawar Fort, Gagron Fort, and the Buddhist Caves at Kolvi are fascinating historical sites. The unique Bhawani Natyashala, an ancient theater, is also worth a visit.
  9. Tal Chhapar Sanctuary: This lesser-known wildlife sanctuary is home to the rare and graceful blackbuck. The open grasslands make it an ideal place for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers.
  10. Narlai: Nestled in the Aravalli Hills, Narlai is a tranquil village with a scenic backdrop. Visit the Elephant Rock, enjoy a quiet walk through the village, and experience the rustic charm of Rajasthan.

Your Adventure!! Kuchaman: Kuchaman is home to the stunning Kuchaman Fort, which provides panoramic views of the town and surrounding landscape. The Sheesh Mahal and Meera Mahal inside the fort are architectural marvels.

This will not only provide a more intimate experience but also unveil the lesser-known facets of Rajasthan’s rich cultural and historical tapestry.

Kuchaman Forts, Hidden Forts of Rajasthan
Kuchaman Forts, Hidden Forts of Rajasthan

Here’s a glimpse into the Hidden Forts:

While the more famous forts like Amer Fort and Mehrangarh Fort attract large crowds, there are several places waiting to be explored. 

  1. Bundi Fort: Nestled in the Aravalli Range, Bundi Fort offers a serene and less-crowded experience. The fort boasts impressive architecture, intricate frescoes, and beautiful murals. The Taragarh Fort, part of the complex, provides panoramic views of the town and surrounding landscapes.
  2. Mandawa Fort: Situated in the Shekhawati region, Mandawa Fort is known for its stunning frescoes and intricate artwork. Today, the fort serves as a heritage hotel, letting guests take in the majesty of Rajasthan’s past.
  3. Kuchaman Fort: Perched on a hill, Kuchaman Fort offers a peaceful escape from the bustling tourist spots. The fort showcases Rajput and Mughal architectural influences and provides breathtaking views of the town below.
  4. Nahargarh Fort (Alwar): Often overshadowed by its counterpart in Jaipur, the Nahargarh Fort in Alwar is a hidden gem. The fort, surrounded by the Aravalli Hills, offers a tranquil atmosphere and a chance to explore its well-preserved structures.
  5. Bala Quila (Alwar): Bala Quila, or the Alwar Fort, is one of the oldest forts. It’s a massive fort complex with various gates, temples, and palaces. From the fort, there are amazing views of the surrounding countryside.
  6. Chittorgarh Fort: While Chittorgarh Fort is not entirely hidden, certain sections are often overlooked. Explore lesser-known areas like the Kumbha Shyam Temple and the Padmini Palace for a more intimate experience.
  7. Jalore Fort: Jalore Fort, situated on the top of a granite hill, is known for its robust architecture. The fort provides a glimpse into the military history of Rajasthan and offers panoramic views of the town and the surrounding desert.
  8. Narwar Fort: Tucked away in the Shivpuri district, Narwar Fort is a lesser-explored historical site. The fort, surrounded by lush greenery, reflects a mix of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles.
  9. Gagron Fort: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gagron Fort is unique for being surrounded by the waters of the Ahu River on three sides. The fort has a blend of Hindu and Islamic architecture and is a hidden treasure in the Kota district.
  10. Rampura Dabri Fort: Off the beaten path, Rampura Dabri Fort is a relatively unknown fort with a rustic charm. The fort offers a peaceful setting for those seeking a more secluded exploration of Rajasthan’s history.

Exploring offbeat places provides a deeper understanding of the state’s rich heritage and allows travelers to appreciate the diverse architectural styles and historical significance that each fort holds. These lesser-known forts offer a more intimate and off-the-beaten-path experience for those who seek to unravel the mysteries of past.

Rampuria Havelis, Bikaner
Rampuria Havelis, Bikaner

Travel Tips:

  1. Off-Season Travel: Consider visiting during the off-season to avoid crowds and get better deals. But keep in mind that severe weather can occur.
  2. Local Transportation: Use local transportation like auto-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, or camel carts to explore hidden alleys and gems in cities.
  3. Cultural Sensitivity: Respect local customs and traditions. Wear modest clothing, especially when you’re at places of worship.
  4. Local Cuisine: Try local street food and regional delicacies. Each region in has its own unique culinary offerings.
  5. Homestays and Boutique Hotels: Opt for homestays or boutique hotels in smaller towns to experience authentic Rajasthani hospitality.
  6. Local Markets: Explore local markets for handmade crafts, textiles, and traditional Rajasthani products. Bargaining is common in markets.
  7. Heritage Walks: Participate in heritage walks organized by local guides to uncover the history and stories behind these unknown lanes.
  8. Learn Basic Phrases: Learn a few basic phrases in Hindi or Rajasthani to communicate with locals. They appreciate the effort.
  9. Pack Accordingly: Carry comfortable clothing, especially during the summer, and don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

FAQs about Rajasthan:

What are some lesser-known forts and palaces?

Explore the Kumbhalgarh Fort, Bundi Palace, and Alwar’s Bhangarh Fort for a unique and less crowded experience.

Are there any hidden lakes or water bodies?

Yes, visit the Sambhar Salt Lake, Siliserh Lake near Alwar, and the Ana Sagar Lake in Ajmer for serene landscapes.

Which lesser-known villages offer an authentic experience?

Khimsar in Nagaur district, Narlai near Ranakpur, and Barmer for its traditional arts are worth exploring.

Are there any hidden wildlife sanctuaries?

Head to the Jawai Leopard Conservation Zone for a chance to spot leopards in a natural setting, and the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary for diverse flora and fauna.

What is the best way to explore offbeat places in Rajasthan?

Hire a local guide or join organized tours focusing on offbeat destinations. Local insights can enhance your experience.

Travel Deals to Offbeat Rajasthan:

  1. Package Deals: Look for package deals that include offbeat destinations, providing a curated experience away from mainstream tourist spots.
  2. Group Tours: Consider group tours that specifically explore offbeat locations, offering cost-effective options and shared experiences.
  3. Seasonal Discounts: Keep an eye on seasonal discounts, especially during the shoulder seasons, for better deals on accommodations and activities. 
  4. Online Travel Platforms: Check online travel platforms for exclusive deals on stays in boutique hotels or heritage properties in lesser-known locations. 
  5. Local Tour Operators: Connect with local tour operators who specialize in offbeat destinations. They often have insider knowledge and can offer personalized experiences.

Remember to plan ahead and research thoroughly to make the most of your journey to the hidden gems of Rajasthan. Embrace the unique culture, history, and landscapes that these lesser-explored destinations have to offer.


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