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Old Barmer Juna Fort Information

District of Rajasthan, Western historical and archaeological terms are significant. The district is in ruins as many famous historical sites are still standing firm. Located approximately five kilometers away from the district headquarters of the tourist site Juna is of historical and archaeological importance, which the Tourism Department and district administration have been depleted due to neglect.

Between large mountains, standing firm Juna Fort is shedding tears over their plight. Establishment of systematic as ever from the city nestled Juna Parmar, son of King Dharnidhar Dharnivrah or after 1059 had Bahd Bagbhat Snwatr the Vikram. Minstrel literature, according to the 11th century around Рthe occupation of this region and its Bppd Brahman ruler named the city name kept Bappdhau. In the 12th century descendants of Barhmn Bappd Parmar Dharnivrah Descendants of Bahd РChahd by naming it after its subject Bahdmer РBahdmeru made.

Historical perspective, many important references related to Bahdmer meet. According to Colonel Tod in 1082 Vikram Snwatr Mahmood’s Gajnvi Gujarat while Chauhanon destruction of Juna was palladium. Vilsnl 1235 (Sun Isvi 1178) while struggling with the Chauhanon Mohammed white Shabudin from Multan Ludrawa, Devka, Juna Kiradh invaded. As the existing ruins of the temples, even today Vilsnl Juna A 1352, Vilsnl 1356 Two, and Vilsnl 1693 is an inscription Mujud.

juna fort

Art and craft in the archaeological ruins of Juna today in terms of Somnath temple for its ancient glory stand. A further part of the pavilion, the House and Makeup pavilion still exists in many columns. Inscriptions on many columns are Mujud. Pillars on the bottom of the beautiful artistic images remain. The upper part of the temple’s inner circular Gumbj is a very subtle and beautiful Shilpakala. In these Gumbjon to Pashanon Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, and others – are the god’s most beautiful statues carved.

Old Barmer Juna Fort Information

The mountain ruins and artifacts from the nearby craft appear to contain the remains of a large temple. Here in the ruins of the temple entrance, dressing stool, color – pavilion, House – pavilion, round – pavilion, built around the temple and down the landing and climb the hill Prachiren both sides Pashanon (stones) of Pgdndi losing its existence is on the verge. Vilsl Century by the name of this place Satrhvin of Bahdmer was known. Aurangzeb’s time Vilsnl Resident of 1844 is almost here Veer Durga Das. Juna Small – is being very offensive, which they have settled elsewhere Juna leave. Juna was deserted.

Vilsnl Juna was called until 1640 the Bahdmer, but after being vacated by Juna has begun its decline, which continues until today. Summary of the historical sites of importance – not to handle the Tourism Department is interested, nor is the district administration, which was depleted in the absence of Juna. Juna’s important Stone (stones), statues are being stolen in large quantities.

The Department of Tourism in East Juna had put a Chaukidar. A long time did not Chokidar’s salary, which he left. In the absence of the historical and archaeological importance of the property, monitoring is losing its existence. Juna Bimdev’s generosity of the molder, duty, and bravery still speaks in Pashanon of Juna. Symbol of courage and power within ten miles of scattered ruins of Juna’s. Never been the capital of Juna Barmer’s presence, mankind has been longing.

juna fort

It is clear that the once prosperous city of Bgnavsseshon Juna’s. Trade Center buildings being located here Bgnavssesh here comes the facts. City in the lap of the mountains of Juna Bilkti Jrra – Jrra depleted state. The 11th century witnessed a high arch of the temple’s golden history. Juna’s high rating of the three temples is Anuti carving art craft. Marked on the walls of temples of the artwork lives – is an example.

Juna is a place with a lot of history. Need to wrap. This plan was created with security in case Mughal forts could not survive. Around black-brown hills in the middle of fractal temples where fantasy aggression seems meaningless, Mughals could not escape the shrewd eyes. Juna is an excellent specimen greatest Shilpakla particles – particles are reflected in the folk culture. In the absence of protection, there seems to be a hidden history of Juna.

Tourism officials said that in 2004, Virendra Sihn Kviea got a budget that produced some repair works. The Directorate of Tourism has sent a proposal to Srnkshn of Juna, but lack of acceptance has been unable of Srnkshn of Juna. He said that in Juna there is an increase in the incidence of theft of idols.

What is the famous food of Barmer?

Ker sangri. One of the most popular Rajasthani dishes, ker is a wild berry that is tangy and peppery while sangri is a type of long bean grown abundantly in the desert areas of Jaisalmer and Barmer. Sangri is a mainstay during a drought when little else is available as it is 53% protein.


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