Sajangarh Fort

Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace (Udaipur)

Sajangarh Fort Thomas Fuller rightly said ‘A memory is the treasure dwelling of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved for life.’ Palaces are the unfading marks in history. You cannot ignore the fact that every Palace has an exciting story to tell whether it is about its residents or the people associated with it. One such story comes from the Sajjangarh Palace, also known as Monsoon Palace.

Coming from the ravages of time, Sajjangarh Fort is a magnificent and stunning palace built on the Aravalli hilltop. Built in 1884, the Sajjangarh Palace is a palatial residence of Maharana Sajjan Singh. The Palace overlooks a breathtaking view of Lake Fateh Sagar, City Palace, and the King’s ancestral home, Chittorgarh.

The palaces, history, and culture of the Mewar Kingdom are spread all over Udaipur, which should be explored thoroughly. We at Udaipur Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA, make it possible for you to explore every marvelous aspect of the city of lakes in the best possible manner.

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The architecture of Sajjangarh Fort

Located on a Bansdara peak of Aravalli hill (3100 ft above sea level), Sajjangarh Palace is built with stunning white marble. As per the plan laid out by Maharana SajjaSajjangarh Fort ticket Onlinen Singh, the Palace was supposed to be nine stories, but due to the premature death of the King, the plan was shelved. However, it was later completed by Maharana Fateh Singh, his successor. The Royal family used the Sajjangarh Palace as a hunting lodge as well as to watch the monsoon clouds which brought the name of Monsoon Palace to the Sajjangarh Palace.

Sajangarh Fort

The foundation of the Fort is laid on marble pillars that have exclusive motifs of flowers and leaves carved all over them. The palace walls are plastered with lime mortar. There is a vast central court with a stunning staircase and several quarters and rooms. The Fort has high turrets and guards monitoring each of the towers. The domes, fountains, and jharokhas all around the palaces are the exquisite marvels of Rajasthani architecture.

History of Sajjangarh Fort

The construction of the Monsoon Palace/ Sajjangarh Fort & Palace began under the command of Maharana Sajjan Singh. Maharana Sajjan Singh was an influential thinker, developer, and short-lived ruler of the Mewar dynasty. Even though he ruled for ten years only (from 1874-1884), he made an extraordinary contribution to preserving and establishing the glory and culture of Udaipur City. His civil works included the construction of dams and roads, water supply, and infrastructural developments.

Under the reign of Maharana Sajjan Singh, in the 19th century, Udaipur has crowned the second municipality of India. In November 1881 on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s crowning, the Maharana was awarded the title “Grand Commander of the Star of India” by Lord Ripon.

How to reach Sajjangarh Palace

The City of Lakes, Udaipur, is very well connected. There is an airport, a railway station, and a national highway connecting it to all nearby cities and states. 

Entry fees and timings of Sajjangarh Fort

The Entry Fee for Monsoon Palace is Rs. 110 for Indians and Rs. 300 for foreigners.

The Timing to visit Monsoon Palace is from 9 am to 5 pm. It is open on all days of the week.

Things to do at Sajjangarh Palace

  1. If you are a history enthusiast, you can move along and watch around. You can explore the hilly region and have a taste of local Udaipur delights.
  2. If you wish to learn about popular folk literature, then the Chittorgarh Palace is the perfect place.
  3. There is a wildlife sanctuary nearby; you can take your kids and enjoy some family time.
  4. Shopping for local souvenirs is a must in the Udaipur region of Rajasthan.

Sajangarh Fort

Places to visit near Sajjangarh Palace

Some of the surprising places to visit nearby are Lake Fateh Sagar, Lake Palace, City Palace, Lake Pichola, and SajjanGarh Biological Park.

Interesting facts about Sajjangarh Fort

  1. The sunset point is one of the most attractive sights of the Palace. During the sunset, the Palace illuminates the glow of golden orange. So never miss out on this marvelous view.
  2. The Palace has been featured in a James Bond movie named Octopussy as the abode of the Afghan Prince.
  3. The Palace is decked up every night with fairy lights, giving an ethereal view.

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