Shri Laxminath Temple, Bikaner

Shri Laxminath Temple in Bikaner is the oldest temple in the city. The shrine was built by Maharaja Rao Lunakaran of Bikaner in the 14th century. This temple is an adobe to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Built as a throne to Lord Vishnu who was considered to be the actual ruler of the city, the King considering himself a mere minister in the Lord’s service, this temple still remains true to the age-old traditions that were followed during the 1500s. The Shri Laxminath Temple is situated around four kilometers from the famous Junagarh Fort of Bikaner and makes it to the top of most of the travel itineraries in Bikaner. The temple has many beautiful paintings, sculptures, and exquisite handiwork in silver done on the doorway that attracts visitors.

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Traveller Tips

  • Do not carry any leather items as they are not allowed inside the temple premises. Also, leave your shoes and socks outside before entering the temple.
  • As the temple is situated in the middle of the city, you can either walk or take an auto.
  • Cameras are not allowed inside the temple premises, and it is a rule not to click any pictures here so keep the shutterbugs in you on a leash when visiting here.
  • Make sure to confirm Aarti timings before visiting so that you can experience the evening Aarti which provides an unforgettable spiritual experience.
  • Bikaner can get very hot in the summer so try to wear comfortable clothing suited for warm weather.
  • The place is usually quiet and is suited for a meditative mood, so do not worry about being disturbed by crowds when here.

Shri Laxminath Temple, Bikaner

Things to Do

  • Take a walk in the park situated in the temple premises to experience peace and calm.
  • Have a great view of the city. As this temple is perched on an incline in the middle of Bikaner, the view from here is simply stunning.
  • Delve deep into history and look at the colourful paintings, carvings, and skilled handiwork present in the temple.
  • Visit the temple during the time of an aarti which is done four times a day. If possible, attend the evening aarti to experience a rich spiritual atmosphere.
  • Visit the nearby Jain Temple or Junagarh fort.

Availability of Guides

As this is a common visiting place for locals, there are very few guides to be found around the temple. If you choose to go on a guided tour of the city you can make prior bookings for guides who would accompany and guide you in and through the temple.

Best Time to Visit

Visit Bikaner from December to February. In winters the weather is pleasant, unlike the hot and humid climate that summers and monsoons bring in this area. If you want to see the temple at its best, visit during the festivals of Ram Navmi, Janmashtami, Geeta Jayanti¸ Diwali, or Nirjala Ekadashi.

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How to Reach

The Shri Laxminath Temple is situated in the middle of the city so reaching here is not a problem. Take an auto rickshaw from any part of the city and you would easily reach here. You can also walk if you are in the nearby area. The temple is just three kilometres from the railway station, making it easier for the tourists to visit it.

Shri Laxminath Temple, Bikaner

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Shri Lakshminath Temple

  • The construction of the temple was started in 1504 by Maharaja Rao Lunkaran.
  • It took 22 years for the temple construction to be completed. It was finished in 1526.
  • The temple belongs to the Vaishnava sect and was built as a throne for the Lord who was believed to rule the land.
  • The temple also has other shrines for several gods, including the ones for Shri Neelkanth Mahadev, Shri Badrinarayanji, Shri Magavidyaji, Shri Suryanarayanji, and Shri Roopchaturbuji, among others.
  • Sacred food is offered to devotees in the temple once a day.
  • During the Aartis, the prayers are sung by the devotees and include Mira Bai’s hymns of Lord Krishna.
  • The red sandstone used in making the temple had been imported from Jaisalmer. Marble was also used in the construction of the temple.
  • Silver artwork on the doorway of the temple is a visual delight and attracts tourists because of its exquisite beauty and craftsmanship.

Built-in the 1500s, the Shri Laxminath Temple, Laxminath temple Jaisalmer still holds as much importance as it did in the times of the Rajput Royals who built it. The temple’s beautiful paintings and sculptures transport the visitors back in time 400 years ago as it is all maintained like new. The place will provide you with the much-needed peace of mind that often eludes us in the modern world. Visit this place alone or with your family to have a spiritual and meditative experience away from the crowds and the hustle of the city.

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