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  • Amber
    Amber or Amer Fort

    Amber Palace: Overview, History, and Significance

    Amber Palace, also known as Amer Fort, is a majestic fort located on a hill in Amer, near Jaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The Amber fort, along with other Hill Forts of Rajasthan, is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a significant tourist attraction and a prominent example of Rajput architecture. Book your trip to Rajasthan with Rajasthan Best Places only!! History: Amber Palace was built by Raja Man Singh I in the 16th century, and later additions were made by his descendant, Raja Jai Singh I. The fort served as the main residence of the Rajput rulers of Amber until the capital was shifted to Jaipur. The strategic location of the fort on the Aravalli Range provided defensive advantages. Architectural Style: The architecture of Amber Palace is a splendid blend of Hindu and Mughal styles, showcasing the artistic influences of both cultures. The fort is made of red sandstone and marble and is characterized by its large ramparts, series of gates, cobbled paths, and intricately designed courtyards. The fort’s layout is a combination of…

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  • Jaisalmer
    Trip to Jaisalmer Fort

    Jaisalmer Fort “the Golden Beauty”, A Timeless Marvel of Rajasthan

    Nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer Fort stands proudly as a testament to Rajasthan, India’s rich history and cultural heritage. Also known as the “Golden Fort” due to its distinctive honey-coloured sandstone, this architectural marvel is a must-visit destination for those seeking a journey through time. Let’s embark on a virtual tour of Jaisalmer Fort, where every stone whispers tales of valour, royalty, and the vibrant traditions of Rajasthan. Book your Trip to Rajasthan with Rajasthan Best Places! A Glimpse into History:   Built-in 1156 AD by Rawal Jaisal, the founder of Jaisalmer, the fort holds a significant place in the history of Rajasthan. Its strategic location along the ancient Silk Route made it a thriving centre for trade and commerce. The fort has witnessed the rise and fall of dynasties, battles, and the shifting sands of time, yet it continues to stand tall, mirroring the resilience of the people of Jaisalmer. Architectural Marvel:   Its massive walls, towering turrets, and intricately carved balconies showcase the craftsmanship of a bygone era. The fort is divided into three layers of…

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