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    The state of Rajasthan is also one of the most preferred destinations for tourists in India both foreign & domestic crowd. Rajasthan a pre-eminent tourist destination draws the tourists to admire historical forts, palaces art and culture. Similarly, in the global situation, tourism is one of the top most industries with substantial employment capabilities. Plan Your Trip to Rajasthan’s Best Places and Have the Most Amazing Journey!! Tourism is taken very seriously on the state’s agenda as an important engine for income and employment. Tourism also leads to communal harmony and national unity. Taking note of the potential tourism can play in ushering economic growth, the Government has adopted several policy initiatives to establish tourism as a “ People’s Industry”. After all commercialisation of tourism is necessary in Rajasthan but culture spread through it can be understood as well. A recent attempt by the Government of the State towards getting the maximum possible from the tourism sector. Public and private sectors have been uniting to promote tourism in the state, they seem to be progressive enough that has made successful…

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    Vijay Mandir Palace: Alwar

    Vijay Mandir Palace Located only 10 kilometers from Alwar, the Vijay Mandir Palace is a treat to the eye. The beautiful palace was built by Maharaja Jai Singh. The various features of the palace reflect the grandeur of the royal era of Rajasthan. The beauty of the palace itself offers a mesmerizing sight. What adds to the beauty, even more, is the serene lake in the foreground and the magnificent garden surrounding the palace. The construction of the palace has a history behind it. Maharaja Jai Singh ordered the construction of Yashwant Niwas. However, after the completion, the maharaja was unhappy with the outcome. As a result, he immediately ordered the construction of the Vijay Mandir Palace. The architecture of the temple is also a major attraction for tourists. A feature like 105 elaborate rooms will surely draw your attention. There are also a number of other features in the palace that will give you a clear idea about the features of Rajasthani architecture. Another main attraction of the Vijay Mandir Palace is the Sita Ram Temple. During Ramnavami, the…

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