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    Abheda Biological Park Kota | Tickets, Timings, Image

    Abheda Biological Park, located in Kota, is a prominent zoological park and tourist attraction in Rajasthan, India. Spanning a vast area, the park is home to a diverse collection of wildlife, providing visitors with an opportunity to observe and learn about various animal species in their natural habitats. This article will provide an in-depth overview of Abheda Biological Park, exploring its history, attractions, conservation efforts, and the overall experience it offers to visitors. Introduction Abheda Biological Park, also known as Kota Zoo, is an expansive zoological park situated on the outskirts of Kota City in the state of Rajasthan, India. Established with the objective of promoting wildlife conservation and education, the park serves as a vital center for research, breeding, and rehabilitation of endangered and indigenous species. History and Establishment Abheda Biological Park was established in the year 2015 under the Rajasthan Forest Department. The park was inaugurated with the aim of providing a safe and natural habitat for various animal species while also promoting public awareness about wildlife conservation. Since its inception, the park has witnessed significant growth in…

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