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    Mandawa Tourism, Rajasthan: TOP 10 Locations!!

    Mandawa Tourism A tour to Mandawa which is one of the smallest towns in north Rajasthan situated in the Shekhawati region and mostly a fort town. Having been founded in the 17th and 18th century this is a town still known for making movies, thus do not be surprised when you get to see some actors and actresses during your visit there. This is a town which is also speckled with hundreds of haveli and is known as an open art gallery as a result of many beautiful havelis. Mandawa Tourism is an important part of the tour in Rajasthan Best Places to experience!! Some of the best about Mandawa Tourism which you should not miss include the following: Murmuria Haveli Tour: This is a haveli popular for all the paintings of all the influential personalities of the past ages. In the haveli, you will visualize the painting of Jawaharlal Nehru sitting on a horse and carrying the tricolour. How the Murmuria Haveli is designed is holding back its traditional way of Rajasthan, thus making the building with architecture in…

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