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    East most district of Rajasthan, Dholpur is popular for its red sandstones and the District Head Quarter lies at this place which was also a part of princely state named ‘Dohulpir’. Plan your trip in Rajasthan Best Places for the Best Experience!! Geographic Location: The district of Dholpur with a surface area of 3084 sq km lies contiguous from south to Madhya Pradesh, east and northeast by the state Uttar Pradesh, northwest cornered Bharatpur District on it whilst west being Karauli. Southern boundary constitutes the River Chambal which flows between Dholpur and Madhya Pradesh. There are four sub-divisions in the district namely Dholpur, Rajakhera Bari and Baseri and the division of Taluks includes five pillars which consist of –Dolipur; Rajakhara ;Badithi; Saipauhwa’and Basedisheit. History: Dholpur was attached as a distinct district in 1982. Previous to that, it was Dhawalgiri and afterwards as Dhaulagir. Under control of Yadavs before great war between two mane Mahabharata this entire region is known. From 8th to 10 th century Dholpur we there are under the Chauhans and from initially till 194 was governed by…

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