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    Enjoy the Pokhran Toursim with Plenty of Rajasthani inhabitants throughout the year which is the most cherished and the most favorite heritage destination in the state. At the heart of the Thar Desert is Pokhran, right in the Jaisalmer district, can never completely describe the array of attractions this community is rich in and never fails to mesmerize. One of the events of the place is that its name is ‘Panchatala’ which means ‘the place of five mirages’ but this place has already justified its name that is because the spot is surrounded by the five big salts from all sides. Being a new site from some past years, it got so known as soon as the first test of Indian nuclear was occurring at this spot, and it was identified by everyone. In the bolder year 1974, a decisive moment came when the first nuclear testing in India successfully happened in Pokhran on May 18th. Enormous havelis and bequeathed monuments of their creators- these are combined beauties of this place. Plan Your Trip to Rajasthan’s Best Places now with…

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