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    Discover the Charms of Karauli, Rajasthan: The Heritage of Hidden Hospitality.

    Hidden in the eastern region of Rajasthan, Karauli the charming town is tucked in the folds of the rough Aravalli hills. Steeped in history, resplendent with architectural wonder and spangled with vibrant traditions, Karauli has much to offer tourists who are patient enough to unravel its mysteries. Plan your Trip to Rajasthan Best Places to Have the Best Trip Planning! A Glimpse into History of Karauli: Karauli is a city which has a historic past as old as times which dates back to ancient times. The erstwhile state of Karauli was once ruled by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs and has seen the ebb and flow of imperial politics with each passing dynasty, a reflection of which is visible, not only in the form of imposing forts, palaces and temples that dot it but also in the form of the culture it epitomizes. In place of the majestic City Palace, one can witness the magnificent work of the organisers, showing the style of Rajputati and Mughal architecture the work. Sacred Sanctuaries: It has mystic importance which brings back the history of temples…

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