Muchhal Mahavir Temple

  • Kumbhalgarh


    KUMBHALGARH TOURISM: This centuries-old town of Kumbhalgarh is situated about 85 km from Udaipur in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. Kumbhalgarh is popular for its magnificent monuments, royal chhatris and glorious palaces. Plan your trip to Rajasthan’s Best Places Now!! The Kumbhalgarh Fort with its wonderfully sculpted temples and fine artistry is one of the humongous fortifications to withstand any siege in the nation. The Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a favourite visitors of wildlife lovers and bird watchers. One time, the seat of Prince Samprati during the 2nd century, Kumbhalgarh was the birthplace of Mewar’s great king, Maharana Pratap. Although the most important was Kumbhalgarh ruler, Rana Kumbha; he is remembered for the 32 out of the 84 fortresses at Mewar, which is attributed to his design. The town is reported to have been the refuge for the Mewar’s kings during confrontations; for example, Prince Udai in 1535 was smuggled away from the city of Chittor when it was besieged by Mughals. In the later years, the prince became the king and formed Udaipur. Location: Surrounded by gravel mountains, the…

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