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    10 best places to visit in Churu, Rajasthan!

    Churu, located in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, India, is known for its well-preserved havelis (ornate mansions) adorned with frescoes. Plan your trip to Churu, Rajasthan Best Places and Enjoy!!! Here are ten places you may want to visit in Churu: Sethani Ka Johara: This is a well-preserved stepwell built in the 19th century by the wife of a wealthy merchant. The intricate carvings and architecture make it a fascinating historical site. Malji Ka Kamra: This heritage hotel was once a mansion and is a fine example of Shekhawati architecture. Even if you’re not staying here, you can explore the beautiful interiors and learn about the history of the place. Kothar Haveli: Admire the exquisite frescoes and architectural details at Kothar Haveli, which is one of the many havelis showcasing the rich artistic heritage. Surana Double Haveli: This is a unique haveli known for its twin haveli design. The frescoes here depict a variety of themes, including mythological stories and scenes from daily life. Ratangarh Fort: Located near Churu, Ratangarh Fort is an ancient fort with historical significance. The architecture…

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