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    City Palace: A Marvel of Jaipur

    City Palace Jaipur is one city that brings you back to the Rajput era the bit you set foot there. It is spotted with constructive admiration and that is the cause why the city sees an excellent visitor stride all year circular. One such constructive charm proper in the mid of Jaipur is the City Palace; a symbol of the majestic and imperial days of the city. Plan Your Trip to Rajasthan Best Places and Make Your Vacations The BEST!!! City Palace is a structure that has conserved the past of the city and is an idol of glory. Once you enter the palace all you can do is stand mesmerized by its charm while you sink in the beautiful building and the antiquity inside the palace. History of City Palace: Jaipur City Palace was constructed by Sawai Jai Singh¬†who led the Kachwaha Rajput gens and holds the credit of being the creator of Jaipur. The palace obey as he inhabit the throne and he started the building of the palace way in the 17th century as he wanted to…

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